3 Sweden to deploy TD-LTE-Advanced mobile broadband technology in Sweden

3 Sweden (Hi3G Access) has planned to deploy TD-LTE-Advanced mobile broadband technology to significantly enhance quality of service in Sweden.

As spectrum in traditional FDD bands is scarce, 3 Sweden will take advantage of more available spectrum in the 2600 MHz band 38 – currently used by only a few operators in Western Europe – to deploy TD-LTE-Advanced technology. This will allow them to immediately increase bandwidth and speeds for customers, meeting the growing demand for mobile use in the home.

Nokia will complete the network deployment – which will include Gothenburg, Sweden’s second most populous city – in the first half of 2016.

Solutions and services provided by Nokia:

  • TD-LTE-Advanced radio technology, based on the Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station, to support 2600 MHz band 38
  • WCDMA and FDD-LTE network upgrade
  • Care Services, including hardware and software services

Jörgen Askeroth, CTO at 3 Sweden, said: “As one of Sweden’s leading operators, we are constantly looking at ways to enhance the overall quality of our mobile voice and data services. In line with this vision, we are working with Nokia to tap the potential of TD-LTE-A in order to deliver a truly memorable service experience to our subscribers. In doing so, we are proud to launch one of Western Europe’s first TD-LTE-A deployments on band 38 – a development that underlines our reputation as an innovation leader in the domestic telecommunications market.”

Wolfgang Hackenberg, VP West Europe at Nokia, said: “We are extremely pleased to support 3 Sweden in its ambitious and far-reaching TD-LTE-A initiative that will delight its customers. This project bears testimony to our growing status as the supplier-of-choice in Europe, with a clear focus on leveraging technologies that allow operators to provide the best possible mobile broadband experience to their users.”