5G to generate 48% incremental revenue for Australian telcos by 2026

Australia —

Ericsson’s new report estimates that 5G technologies can enable new revenue opportunities worth US$13.5 billion for Australian operators by 2026.

With the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, to be one of the early 5G movers, Ericsson estimates the introduction of 5G can generate a 48% incremental revenue for Australian telecom operators by 2026.

Ericsson states that “the largest 5G enabled digitalisation revenue potential will be seen in sectors like manufacturing, energy and utilities followed by public safety, healthcare and public transport sectors.”

Emilio Romeo, MD of Ericsson Australia & New Zealand said, “As 5G becomes integral to growing digitalisation of industries, we see a clear opportunity for new 5G-enabled revenues for service providers. To capture this value, operators, industries and government need to start preparing for 5G now.”

Magnus Ewerbring, CTO, Ericsson APAC, Ericsson, said, “5G is use case driven and will be propelled by three areas – Massive machine type communications, Critical machine type communications and Enhanced Mobile Broadband. These use cases will be diverse: from Haptic Healthcare to driverless buses, wireless control of industrial manufacturing or production processes to remote medical surgery, 4k streaming on mobile or on-site live experiences. Both new applications and existing applications will develop to result in improved performance and seamless user experience.”