airYotta to launch Singapore’s first 4.5G LTE-Advanced Pro network

Singapore —

airYotta, a newly formed company, is planning to launch 4.5G network in Singapore.

airYotta along with Australian telco TPG Telecom, and MyRepublic have recently submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) to Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), formally expressing their bid to become the fourth mobile operator in Singapore. The IDA would hold a spectrum auction to determine the fourth mobile telco in the third quarter of the year.

airYotta is believed to have raised enough funds to roll out a mobile network, specifically a 4.5G LTE Advanced Pro network with an architecture similar to upcoming 5G network technology.

This, the group claims, would be a critical turning point in Singapore’s journey towards a 5G world.

OMGTel’s former chief executive officer, Michael DeNoma, and former vice-president for networks and infrastructure Philip Heah are now CEO and CTO of airYotta, respectively.

Philip Heah said, “Singapore, like many other parts of the world, has reached a critical inflection point. The mobile industry is facing a major disconnect between demand and supply of mobile data capacity, exacerbated by video-streaming, new applications and services, and the Internet of Things.”

“airYotta is a response to this insatiable demand for data, and will allow Singapore to realise its Smart Nation vision,” Philip added.