AT&T records 14 Gbps to one user, 5 Gbps to two users in 5G tests

United States —

AT&T has revealed that it has completed the first phase of 5G network technology test and that the operator has achieved speeds hundreds of times faster than the current LTE speeds. The operator has recorded download speeds of 14 Gbps to a single user and 5 Gbps to two users.

Tom Keathley, SVP of wireless network architecture and design for AT&T, discussed the operator’s ongoing 5G network technology tests and future deployment plans at the Cowen and Company 2nd Annual Communications Infrastructure Summit this week.

“We’ve actually started and finished testing on a millimeter wave system,” he said. “So we put in a 15 GHz system earlier this year. We finished the testing already on that system. We’re going to install a 28 GHz system later this year.”

“By the way we’ve been able to do 14 Gbps to a single user with that system. We’ve actually tried multi-user MIMO and done 5 Gbps to two users. So really we’ve validated the potential of this type of technology. Now there will be a great deal more testing that will continue before we’re ready to actually operationalize this and install it in the network. But the initial tests show the technology can do exactly what’s been touted,” Keathley added.