China Mobile partners with Samsung for 5G

China —

China Mobile has partnered with Samsung Electronics to co-demonstrate key telecommunication technologies for 5G networks.

The partnership is expected to help Samsung speed up its penetration into one of the world’s biggest telecommunications markets, as China’s state-owned telecom operator holds some 840 million subscribers.

Samsung Electronics won a license to conduct the first 5G telecommunications test from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

China Mobile and Samsung will test how millimeter waves can be used as a crucial band for 5G wireless technology. Mobile carriers and network equipment manufacturers here and abroad identify the waves as the best fit for high-speed wireless broadband telecommunication.

Samsung said both firms verified key characteristics of the millimeter waves, demonstrating how the ultra-fast mobile broadband can be made commercially available. Samsung and China Mobile used two spectrum bands ― 28 gigahertz (GHz) and 3.5 GHz ― for the field test.

“We are going to strengthen more alliances with Chinese telecom operators to develop more 5G-related technologies and their standardization,” Jang Dae-goon, vice president at Samsung Electronics’ DMC Research Center in Beijing.