Crnogorski Telekom and Ericsson achieve LTE speeds of over 400Mbps

Montenegro —

Montenegrin operator Crnogorski Telekom together with Ericsson Nikola Tesla has achieved 4G speeds of over 435Mbps on its commercial LTE network 3CA (LTE-Advanced) 4G technology.

Crnogorski Telekom achieved the high speed at four locations in Montenegro, with the help of the 3CA (LTE-Advanced) 4G network using three different frequency bands (800,1800, and 2600 MHz). the telco acquired these spectrum in July 2016.

During the initial testing in commercial network, Crnogorski Telekom achieved speeds of over 420 Mbps on Ookla Speedtest application, while the classic use of FTP transfer managed to achieve speeds of over 435 Mbps, which is a great success considering the fact that most operators there achieve speeds of around 350 Mbps under laboratory conditions.

Using CA (Carrier Aggregation) method within LTE Advanced technology, bandwidth available to the user is being expanded, which increases its speed of uploading and sending data. This way not only 4G network capacities will increase, but also coverage with 4G network at new locations will be ensured. Moreover, a better 4G signal coverage will be ensured in the existing urban areas as well, implying a better coverage in large living spaces and office buildings.

The operator also revealed that along with the planned further expansion of 4G CA technology at a great number of locations, further expansion of Crnogorski Telekom mobile network will be continued through an accelerated use of 800 MHz band, which is extremely significant for the propagation of LTE signal in hilly and mountainous areas in Montenegro.