Deutsche Telekom, Huawei achieve 1.2 Gbps in LTE network

Mitarbeiter von Deutsche Telekom AG und Huawei testen an verschiedenen Standorten hohe Uebertargungsgeschwindigkeiten im LTE Netz - in Berlin am 08.09.2016 - Nur zum redaktionellen Gebrauch - Nur fuer interne und externe Pressearbeit, nicht fuer Werbung - Model-Releasevertraege der abgebildeten Personen liegen nicht vor, die Personen haben sich lediglich muendlich mit der internen Verwendung der Fotos einverstanden erklaert.

Germany —

Deutsche Telekom and Huawei have crossed 1 Gbps for mobile data transfers in the LTE network using technology mix of 4x4MIMO and 5 carrier frequencies.

During a live demonstration of LTE-Advanced Pro in Berlin Deutsche Telekom and Huawei succeeded in transmitting data with 1,22 Gbps.

“User behavior is evolving rapidly on the way to a gigabit society. That’s why fast Internet access can’t be limited to just fixed lines and fiber optics – our customers also want the highest possible speeds for maximum comfort on the go as well. As you can see, our network delivers. We are ahead of our time and ahead of the competition,” said Claudia Nemat, Deutsche Telekom AG’s Board Member for Europe and Technology.

“Huawei strongly believes in the best user experience as the foundation for the successful future of Deutsche Telekom. Together we innovate for the advanced wireless technology and Huawei is happy to support Deutsche Telekom to prove the benefits of the latest evolutionary step of this technology, LTE Advanced Pro, in real field application”, Lin Baifeng, President Huawei Deutsche Telekom Key Account, said.

Deutsche Telekom said in a press statement that for achieving the desired result from LTE-Advanced Pro, a conventional mobile base station was bundled with a small cell solution; the data traffic flowed over 5 carrier frequencies instead of just one. This required to support 4×4 MIMO from both the transmitter station and the receiving devices.