Du, University of Dubai sign MoU to collaborate on 5G, IoT


UAE-based telecommunications service provider, du, and University of Dubai, UD, have signed an MoU, to further collaborate on 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), development in line with the UAE 5G Innovation Gate, U5GIG.

du established ‘UAE 5G Innovation Gate’ (U5GIG) earlier this year. UAE 5G Innovation Gate U5GIG is a practical and innovative Initiative in developing 5G standard by 2020 and beyond; inspired by HH vision for UAE innovation and Dubai Future Accelerators.

Under the MoU, du, and University of Dubai have agreed to share a strategic vision for 5G and IoT development towards the next generation 2020 5G evolution.

Du will build a UAE 5G and IoT innovation lab to be the core of the U5GIG, which university staff and students will have access to, and experts from both the sides will jointly supervise 5G projects and research programmes on mutually agreed selected practical research topics. The telecom operator will offer an internship programme for university students.

The parties have also agreed to publish technical research papers and other relevant case studies in order to showcase the latest innovations of 5G and the IoT ecosystem.

“Technology is influencing every aspect of life, including education. Technology has the power to inspire young minds, and we are proud to bring future technologies to the students at University of Dubai through our latest collaboration. Together with the University, we will establish a robust, open platform for research and development to participate in the standardisation and development of 5G and IoT use cases in the UAE,” Farid Faraidooni, Chief Operations Officer at du, said.

“We have long recognised the power of technology and innovation in education; as such, we are pleased to collaborate with du on U5GIG. Participating in this incredibly exciting initiative will be a boon for our University as it gives us and our students the power to explore future technologies as they are evolving. Joining hands between industrial expertise such as du with academic expertise and research capabilities of UD the result will contribute to the advancement of UAE to reach the 2020 vision,” Dr. Eesa Bastaki, President, University of Dubai, said.