Ericsson launches Accelerated Network Build claiming to cut network build time in half

Ericsson Accelerated Network Build

Sweden —

Ericsson has launched Accelerated Network Build – a streamlined network build process for operators. Ericsson claims that its new solution is capable of delivering increased speed, quality and predictability operators need to build future networks.

Ericsson has launched this new solution after successful pilots with operators in both developed and emerging markets. Ericsson’s Accelerated Network Build is based on technical innovations, including a cloud-based toolkit with automatization and streamlined processes, allowing operators faster time to market and quicker return on investment.

Ericsson’s Accelerated Network Build provides minimal impact to operators’ customers while improving coverage, capacity and delivering enhanced user experience.

Ericsson claimed that its new solution delivers the increased speed by cutting build time 50 percent, improved quality by reducing number of site visits by 70 percent and better predictability with 99 percent first-time right delivery. It provides minimal impact to operators’ customers during build out or introducing new technologies, while improving coverage and capacity.

Fredrik Jejdling, Head of Business Unit Network Services, Ericsson, said, “Results from the pilots show that Accelerated Network Build makes a difference to our customers. By combining technology innovation, cloud-based tools with streamlined processes, our solution will revolutionize how networks are built and set a new standard in the industry.”