Ericsson Unveils Hardware, Software Upgrades for Gigabit LTE Solution

Ericsson recently revealed new Gigabit LTE hardware and software upgrades claiming that they will support gigabit LTE speeds. According to the vendor, Ericsson radio system is the “world’s first commercial Gigabit LTE Solution. It said that multiple innovations go into the making of 1 gbps capabilities. The radio upgrades will facilitate to bond together up to 60 MHZ of spectrum radio to create a “robust” carrier aggregation service. This helps to increase network speed and capacity and has been a popular method for US carriers to increase network performance already.

The carrier aggregation goes hand-in-hand, Ericsson said, with three new radio access products supporting a 4×4 multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) setup on mid and high radio bands and 2×2 MIMO on lower bands.

Ericsson system uses 256-QAM (Quadrature amplitude modulation) to pack more data packets into the radio transmission stream and Ericsson’s Lean Carrier technology to remove excess signaling in the network. It enables higher system throughputs by packing up to a third more data packets into the same radio transmission stream. 256-QAM has previously been deployed in on 802.11ac WiFi and some cable systems.

According to Ericsson’s Sebastian Tolstoy, gigabit LTE speeds present an “enormous value for operators and customers” and would provide an “extremely fast time to content for users.” The speeds, Ericsson said, would allow consumers to download an entire TV show season in just five seconds.

Ericsson said the technology will be available in the beginning of Q2 2016.