Finnish Shared Network Ltd deploys Huawei Active Antenna Unit (AAU) in Northern Finland

Finnish Shared Network Ltd, also known as SYV, has deployed the Huawei Active Antenna Unit (AAU) solution enabling them to improve network quality and provide an optimal mobile broadband (MBB) experience in Northern Finland.

SYV is a joint venture between two of Finland’s three main operators: TeliaSonera Finland plc, part of the TeliaSonera Group, and DNA Ltd. The joint venture is committed to building high-quality MBB networks and has developed an in-depth cooperation with Huawei.

Recently, SYV has started to reconstruct the networks of two operators in Northern Finland using the innovative Huawei AAU solution in order to improve their shared network performance and reduce joint operational costs. For the first time, this solution showcased green base station devices to be used in the city of Rovaniemi, also known as the official hometown of Santa Claus, providing an excellent network experience for both locals and tourists.

The Huawei AAU solution integrates base station antenna equipment with high-performance radio units to help operators efficiently construct greener networks.

“SYV selected the innovative Huawei AAU solution because it helps the company deploy efficient networks with lower operational costs, while providing an optimal MBB user experience. In addition to good performance and lower costs, AAU solutions also reduce the number of external equipment deployed. This demand is underlined when operating in a pristine and indigenous natural landscape, such as in Lapland, as well as in locations, where the presence of a top-quality, modern network needs to be experienced, but not seen”, SYV’s CEO Antti Jokinen highlighted.

Mr. Deng Taihua, Vice President of Huawei CEE & Nordic region, said: “Huawei has always been committed to satisfying customer requirements and to continuous innovation. This allows us to provide the most advanced mobile solutions to end users and the best mobile broadband experience.”

To date, Huawei AAU solution has been commercially deployed by 90 operators from 59 countries, including China, European countries, Canada, South American countries, and Asia-Pacific countries.