Hrvatski Telekom introducing LTE-Advanced Pro (4.5G Pro) and in Croatia

Nives Sandri, Nokia and Boris Drilo, HT

Croatia —

Hrvatski Telekom (HT) demonstrated LTE-A Pro (4.5G Pro) and technology at the Zagreb-based Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, with which HT has been implementing an increasing number of joint projects.

Hrvatski Telekom is developing 4.5G Pro network in partnership with Nokia (in Croatia still Nokia Solutions and Networks) and FER (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing).

Hrvatski Telekom said in a press release that it continues paving the way to digital future creating new infrastructure technologies that is a prerequisite for the use of cutting-edge ICT services throughout the economic segments. These are technologies that enable data transfer rates exceeding 1 gigabit per second, which provides room for the development of a vast array of new services, such as augmented reality and remote control of cars and household devices.

“We have currently presented the technologies that will shape the development of the digital society in Croatia. Gigabit speeds in 4G mobile network are becoming the reality, which provides room for the development of a vast array of exciting apps that will shape our everyday life in an entirely new way, such as virtual and augmented reality. Furthermore, we have shown that, in addition to optical cable network that we have been building intensively, we can provide gigabit Internet access speeds also through existing copper wire telecommunications infrastructure, which is currently available throughout Croatian households,” noted Boris Drilo, a Member of the Management Board at HT for technology.

LTE-A Pro (LTE Advanced Pro; 4.5G Pro) enables mobile data download at a speed of 1 gigabit per second, which is four times faster compared with the highest speed currently available to Croatian users. technology, through the use of a short section of copper wire network, enables fixed Internet access comparable with optical access speeds – from 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Such a solution provides Hrvatski Telekom with a potential for a faster and more affordable development of ultra-fast Internet networks in locations where comprehensive optical cable access is currently not yet available.

In addition, convergence between mobile and fixed network and LTE-A Pro and technologies will enable a full Internet access at high speed, as well as anytime and anywhere. Consequently, the users of Hrvatski Telekom will be provided the opportunity of unlimited Internet access throughout their connectable devices.

“We are highly satisfied and delighted with the establishment of joint co-operation with Hrvatski Telekom and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, the bearers of innovation in Croatia. and LTE-A technologies developed by Nokia provide immense potential for exciting new services that significantly contribute to the improvement of both everyday life and work,” stated Nives Sandri, a Member of the Management Board of Nokia in Croatia.