India sets up 5G forum, grants INR500 crore for 5G R&D

LTE to 5G File Photo

India —

The government of India today set up High-Level Forum on 5G India 2020 with a mandate to lay down a roadmap for the rollout of the technology by 2020. The Centre will spend INR500 crore in 5G research and development.

“We can’t be behind in 5G when many other countries are going on 5G technology. With this forum, India too will be successful in launching 5G by 2020,” said Manoj Sinha, Communications Minister.

The INR500 crore will be spent by three ministries — Telecom, Electronics and IT (MeitY), and Science and Technology.

Sinha said the country missed an opportunity to have its say in 3G and 4G technologies but now the government wants India to contribute actively in developing 5G standards and products.