Intel announces Global 5G Modem at CES

Las Vegas, Nevada —

Intel has announced at CES its first 5G modem, which is expected to begin sampling with customers in the second half of this year. The modem’s baseband chip pairs with a new 5G transceiver that enables both sub-6 GHz and mmWave spectrum band capabilities. This combination incorporates so-called 5G New Radio characteristics which are expected to form part of 3GPP’s next release on 5G standards, such as low latency frame structures, advanced channel coding and massive MIMO.

Intel isn’t the first company to announce a 5G modem. In October last year, Qualcomm Technologies announced the world’s first 5G modem.

In addition, the modem should work throughout the world, with support for the 3.3-4.2 GHz band frequencies expected to be used in China and Europe for 5G and the 28 GHz band for planned trials in the US, Korea and Japan. Intel said its product is designed to support initial trials as well as lay a foundation for future product and standards development. The 5G modem also pairs with LTE modems such as Intel’s XMM 7360 in order to provide 4G fallback and test 4G/5G interworking.