KPN rolls out nationwide LoRa network for IoT

Netherlands —

Dutch telecommunications company KPN has rolled out a nationwide LoRa network for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, claiming the world’s first such network.

South Korean telco SK Telecom recently claimed that it was rolling out the world’s first nationwide IoT network, but it looks like KPN has won the race for Netherlands.

LoRa is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) network technology designed to connect intended for wireless battery operated Things in regional, national or global network.

KPN installed its first LoRa equipment in Rotterdam and The Hague in November 2015, and now offers nationwide connectivity.

KPN claimed that it already has contracts for 1.5 million devices to use its network.

Joost Farwerck, Chief Operations Officer at KPN, commented, “Last year we identified an increasing demand for low-power network technology for Internet of Things applications. We are responding to this by choosing LoRa, so millions of devices can be connected to the internet in a cost-effective manner.”