KT cites ‘5G’ and ‘Giga Internet’ its best achievements in 2016

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South Korea —

KT has cited ‘5G mobile communication (5G)’ and ‘Giga Internet’ as its best achievements in 2016.

KT announced on the 18th that it held the awards ceremony of ‘KT 1st Prize in 2016’ at the building of Seongnam Bundang in Gyeonggi-do on the 16th while Chairman Hwang Chang-kyu, employees and 500 families attended. The first KT raise is a recognition system that encourages remarkable achievements leading the domestic and overseas information and communication technology (ICT) market during the year.

The 5th GF Task Force (TF) and the Giga Internet TF exceeded 2.5 million won. The winners were awarded 100 million won in rewards and 10 million won worth of overseas travel vouchers.

KT evaluated that the 5G TF was succeeded in October this year, the world’s first 5G first data transmission, and led the global standard. 5G TF has also been recognized for its successful implementation of 5G-based media services such as virtual reality (VR), hologram, etc., which KT will show at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Giga Internet has surpassed 2.5 million TF has achieved 2 million subscribers in 11 years with launching aggressive infrastructure and aggressive marketing. Giga Internet, which launched the nation’s first commercialization service in October 2014, provides 10 times faster Internet speed than the previous one. KT expects Giga Internet subscribers to surpass 2.5 million in January next year.

The top prize in the 1st prize was KT IS, KT CS, KTH, Internet TV (IPTV) business TF, corporate mobile TF, energy business TF, TF of IPTV business achieved sales of 1 trillion won in paid broadcasting business and TF of energy business exceeded 100 billion won in energy business order. The Grand Prize winner TF and the group company each received a reward of 30 million won and an overseas travel voucher.

In addition, Jin Ji-oo, a member of KT Sports, who achieved three consecutive victories in the Brazilian Liu Summer Olympics for the first time in the Olympic Games, and Big Data Center, which developed the bird flu (AI) Five departments including estates and three group companies received a special award. The special prize winners received a reward of 10 million won and an overseas travel voucher.

“We will do our best to lead the 5G and Giga Internet and to enjoy faster and more comfortable wired and wireless services for all of the people,” said KT.