mmMAGIC develops concepts for 5G mobile RAT in 6-100 GHz

After two years of research in millimeter (mm)-waves, the mmMAGIC EU project in 5G has successfully closed. Researchers in the project developed and designed concepts for 5G mobile radio access technology (RAT) in the 6-100 GHz range and addressed the specific challenges of mm-wave mobile propagation.

The project developed and demonstrated key technical solutions for mm-waves, supporting European industry in driving 5G development with pre-alignment to 5G system design and engagement with standards, regulation and 5G PPP initiatives. Results from the mmMagic project will continue to have a significant impact on standards and regulations.

The mmMAGIC system concept

It is possible to get a holistic view of the project by looking at its system concept, which consists of 23 components and more than 43 solutions for the radio access architecture and radio interface, with insights from the radio channel properties and hardware impairments as shown in the figures below.

Source: Ericsson