Movistar Chile launches 700MHz 4G LTE network in Magallanes region

Chile —

Movistar Chile has launched its 700MHz LTE network in the Magallanes region.

“One of the main objectives of the 700 MHz tender was to connect Chile’s Southern Zone to the world,” Chile’s Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Pedro Huichalaf, said at the launch in Punta Arenas.

The launch will boost 4G services in Punta Arenas, Natales, San Gregorio, Porvenir, Rio Verde and Laguna Blanca, as well as Punta Delgada and Villa Tehuelches.

The launch was primarily driven in by obligations on Movistar’s 700MHz concession. The terms of the 700MHz licence require the operator to launch 4G services in 366 isolated areas, eight of which are in the Magallanes region.

Movistar is also planning to introduce LTE services in Cabeza de Mar, El Salto, Canadon Grande, Russfin, Entre Vientos, Santa Florencia, Cruce Fabres and Oazy Harbour Sur.

Movistar’s director of corporate affairs, Andrew Wallis, said, “We are happy to be the first company to bring 4G in the 700MHz band to the regions. With this we have strengthened our connectivity in the Magallanes region, adding to our existing 4G coverage in the 2600MHz band, and our fibre-optic network. This allows us to provide our customers with a more stable signal indoors and ultimately a better connectivity experience.”

Movistar Chile has over 1 million 4G customers in and recently confirmed that it will also be launching 4G+ (LTE Advanced) during the second half of 2016.