MWC: Keysight joins 5G Automotive Association

LTEto5G.Com File Photo

Spain —

Keysight Technologies has joined the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA), announcing it at Mobile World Congress.

“With our participation in the 5G Automotive Association, we look forward to contributing and applying our 5G insights to the next-generation of intelligent transportation technologies,” said Siegfried Gross, general manager of Keysight‘s automotive operations. “Keysight has a strong track record of providing industry leading design, test and manufacturing solutions for the wireless communications, millimeter wave and automotive systems tests.”

5GAA was formed in September last year and is comprised of car makers and network providers who are collaborating to solve issues related to connected mobility and road safety needs through 5G mobile networks, according to Keysight. Applications 5GAA is working on include connected car autonomous driving, ubiquitous access to services, and integration into smart cities.

 “We welcome Keysight’s industry leadership in the 5G design and test arena,” said 5GAA director general Dino Flore. “Coupled with their experience in test and measurement applications for connected and autonomous cars, their participation will bring valuable insights.”

At Mobile World Congress Keysight has been exhibiting a number of products:

  • Its NB-IoT testing solutions, designed for the deployment of cellular long-range IoT technology, allowing user to optimise for power consumption, RF performance and interoperability.
  • 5G front-haul monitoring, which allows mobile operators to measure, improve and troubleshoot front-haul operations.
  • 5G wide-band real-time beam-forming reference for researchers testing  analogue, digital and hybrid beam-forming systems. It included transmit and receive massive MIMO with beam-forming and algorithms for devices and radio access network.
  • From its Anite acquisition comes Virtual Drive Testing (VDT) Toolset, a lab-based solution that helps the automotive industry verify wireless connectivity in the connected car.