Orange Polska reaches 96% coverage with LTE

Poland —

Orange Polska, Poland’s largest mobile operator by subscribers, revealed that its 4G LTE now covers 96% of the population.

Orange Polska has deployed more than 7,700 4G LTE base stations countrywide, 1,004 stations operating in the 800MHz band, 6,734 at 1800MHz and 52 at 2600MHz. The operator won 800MHz and 2600MHz frequencies in last year’s auction.

Orange dual-band carrier aggregation (CA) is available at 140 locations, providing peak theoretical download speeds of up to 225Mbps, while tri-band carrier aggregation (3C) – offering speeds of up to 300Mbps – can be accessed at four sites. Orange intends to have LTE networks reaching 98% of the population by the end of this year.

Orange Polska has achieved download speeds of 1.91Gbps in lab tests by aggregating five frequency bands. The trials used 100MHz of spectrum across the bands – 800MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz and 2600MHz – with each channel capable of transmitting data at 382Mbps. The tests were conducted using high order modulation – 256QAM compared with the currently used 64QAM.

The trial was conducted in conjunction with Chinese network gear maker Huawei.