Platinum Core Solutions (PCS) Deploys Infinera’s Fronthaul Gear in Malaysia

Infinera, an Intelligent Transport Networks provider, and Platinum Core Solutions (PCS) announced the first deployment of the Infinera Mobile Fronthaul Solution in Malaysia.

With the recently deployed Infinera Mobile Fronthaul Solution, PCS now offers mobile operators high-bandwidth mobile fronthaul as part of its innovative mobile wholesale service from the central office all the way to a shared cell tower.

Mobile operators in Malaysia are rapidly deploying 4G mobile services to support the massive growth of video, social media and cloud-based applications accessed via smart phones and tablets. To increase the amount of bandwidth available to subscribers, mobile operators are transforming their networks by deploying fiber to the cell tower and moving to a centralized or cloud-radio access network (C-RAN) architecture.

PCS deployed Infinera’s Mobile Fronthaul Solution in its network to support customers as they migrate to the C-RAN architecture. The mobile fronthaul network is part of a wider wholesale offering that spans from the central office locations of PCS’ customers to a new shared tower facility. By deploying Infinera’s Mobile Fronthaul Solution, PCS can deliver an economically advantageous mobile network that supports multiple mobile operators using the same infrastructure.

PCS’ new network is being constructed based on a multi-year commitment from one of Malaysia’s leading mobile operators.

The Infinera Mobile Fronthaul Solution is designed to support all Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) and Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI) rates, ranging from 614 Mbps to 12 Gbps. By deploying the passive option of the Infinera Mobile Fronthaul Solution, PCS benefits from a highly flexible infrastructure across its network that is capable of supporting the company’s mobile operator customers as their capacity demands grow.

“After evaluating the mobile fronthaul solutions on the market, we selected the Infinera solution as it best enables PCS to support the needs of our customers,” said Ahmad Zaki Astaman, managing director at PCS. “By combining the Infinera Mobile Fronthaul Solution with the previously deployed Mobile Backhaul Solution from Infinera, PCS now offers mobile operators a full range of mobile optimized services.”

“PCS’ deployment of the Infinera Mobile Fronthaul Solution is the first in Malaysia, leading what we expect to be global adoption of this commercially deployable fiber-deep WDM technology,” said Andrew Bond-Webster, vice president of APAC Sales at Infinera. “With this deployment, PCS enables mobile operators to roll out advanced C-RAN architectures to support the massive growth of mobile data that is expected to continue for the next several years.”