Reliance Jio extends its 4G network trial via invite system

Reliance Jio has extended its 4G network trials via a unique invite system.

Notably, the commercial launch of the service has been delayed a few times in lieu of network quality, and is now slated to take place later this year.

The invite, which has to be sent by a RIL employee, will allow people to buy a LYF phone, which will come bundled with free unlimited 4G data and voice for three months.

As a part of the invite system, Reliance has now empowered the group employees who got the trial SIM cards earlier can now refer up to 10 people to try out the 4G services of the company. The invite given to the employees will allow a customer to purchase a LYF-branded smartphone from any Reliance store, which will come bundled with unlimited voice calls and 4G data for a period of 90 days. It must be noted that Reliance started shipping out SIM cards to its Reliance Digital stores earlier, which seem to be for this purpose.

People who take advantage of the offer will also be entitled to use Jio apps including Jio Beats, Jio Mags, Jio Drive, Jio Security, Jio Play, Jio Join, Jio XpressNews and Jio On-Demand for the same period of time. Most of these apps are available to download on the Google Play Store but require a Jio SIM to log in. The iOS version of the apps will be released soon.

The company recently revealed that over 500,000 users are currently testing its 4G services and that it aims to increase this number with the new invite system. The company has also been busy expanding its LYF brand of products by launching new smartphones and 4K LED smart TVs.