SK Telecom publishes “ATSCALE white paper” on NGN evolution including 5G

South Korea —

SK Telecom has published ‘ATSCALE White Paper’ to suggest the direction for evolution of the next-generation telecom networks including the 5G network.

In this white paper, SK Telecom describes in detail its ATSCALE vision and architecture, based on which it will realize a truly scalable, cognitive, automated, lean and end-to-end telecommunications network for the future. It also outlines the structure of this network as well as its main functions and implementation technologies.

With the realization of the next-generation telecommunications network, SK Telecom expects to achieve enhanced operational efficiency, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), and accelerated time-to-market for services by overcoming the limitations of the traditional network infrastructure, which is complex, closed and heavily dependent on equipment manufacturers.

Moreover, in the white paper, SK Telecom shares its knowhow and lessons learned through the experience of developing and commercializing world’s first technologies over the past three decades, hoping to build a cooperative _framework among all industry stakeholders including equipment manufacturers and ICT companies.

“We expect our ‘ATSCALE White Paper’ to serve as a basis for cooperation among diverse players across industries and the globe, by providing equipment manufacturers with guidance for future network equipment and presenting our vision of the future network to others,” said Alex Jinsung Choi, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Corporate R&D Center of SK Telecom. “Through ceaseless efforts in research and development, SK Telecom will sustain/strengthen its global leadership in the upcoming era of 5G.”

Meanwhile, SK Telecom published its first white paper on 5G in October 2014 to describe its 5G vision and requirements, and suggest direction for development of key 5G technologies. Then, in October 2015, the company issued “White Paper: 5G Architecture Design and Implementation Guideline,” presenting 47 detailed guidelines required for the establishment of the 5G network system.