Telia to launch 5G network in Tallinn and Stockholm in 2018

Sweden —

Telia is planning to launch 5G mobile networks in Tallinn and in Stockholm simultaneously in 2018, Telia manager Johan Dennelind told Eesti Paevaleht in an interview, cites LETA/BNS.

“We will come out with 5G data communications very early and show to Estonians what it’s like to live in a gigabit society or even in terabit territories. Tallinn hopefully could be a terabit territory, and already very soon,” the manager of Telia Company said.

“We’ve got the ambition to offer everyone a data communication speed of one gigabit per second. This is not distant future at all. From there on we will create a few islands – such as the bigger cities – where we will invest more still to be able to offer a speed of one terabit per second – that’s one thousand times faster than gigabit,” Dennelind said.

The manager of Telia said the data communications network must offer extremely high speeds with a short lag time and a high degree of stability already in the near future.

“That is necessary not for entertainment alone, but for vital services and e-health,” he said, adding that for this a core network with ironclad reliability is needed, which requires big investments.

Telia wishes to use Estonia as a showcase market.

“We are glad to be able to make these investments in Estonia. If we show the way in Estonia, we will show it in all the other countries where Telia is doing business, and consequently in the whole sector in our region. I wish to use Estonia as Telia’s showcase market for competitors and other regions alike,” Dennelind said.

He said that in the future, Telia will focus more on the markets of the Nordic and the Baltic countries and will exit the Eurasian market, which means that investments in Estonia will grow.

“We are ready to invest in Estonia more than before because Estonia will become more important for us than it used to be,” Dennelind said.