Turk Telekom adopts single brand strategy, enhances customer focus, puts 5G on radar

Turk Telekom adopts single brand strategy, enhances customer focus, puts 5G on radar

In the biggest brand merger that Turkey has ever seen, Türk Telekom has unified its three top consumer brands—AVEA (mobile), TTNET (internet and TV) and Türk Telekom (telephone and corporate)—together under the Türk Telekom umbrella.

The operator has brought together its most valuable assets to push its customer-oriented approach it adopted in 2015.

Speaking at a press event to mark the launch of the single brand, Turk Telekom CEO Rami Aslan said the company’s fibre network would form the basis of its future mobile services.

“We will be the pioneer of change in the industry and the leader of 4.5G thanks to our fibre network and largest capacity of frequency packages in the 1800 MHz band, which is crucial for 4.5G technology and the largest frequency per subscriber,” said Aslan.

Aslan declared the change to be the start of “a new era” for Turk Telekom. United by its brand new identity and integrated strategy, Türk Telekom plans to shape the future of the telecommunications landscape on its home turf. Commenting on the developments Aslan said, “Starting today, the ‘one telecom, Turk Telekom’ era begins.”

To give a sense of newness, Türk Telekom worked with Interbrand to develop a new brand identity and strategy to support sustained growth. Ascending angles, a flurry of color and intersecting shapes built into the new logo reflect the brand’s dynamic new direction. “It is an attitude of progress manifested through the energized expression of the brand,” says Sue Daun, Executive Director of Interbrand London. “Vibrant in color, connected in form, live in application, it looks to the future but never forgets its heritage.”

According to the operator, Türk Telekom will not only shake up things inside the organization but will lead the change throughout the country. “Turkey will become an important finance, energy and transportation hub of the region in the future and Türk Telekom is the digital partner the country needs for this massive transformation,” said Rami Aslan.

And the operator is all set to prove its intentions: In April 2016, the telco’s 206,000 km of fiber infrastructure will connect to the company’s 4.5G mobile network. And, the telco is also talking about establishing a 5G roadmap, and its European football content rights and a 4K TV service.

Turkey’s president Tayyip Erdogan has previously said that the country should bypass 4G technology and move straight from 3G to 5G.