V2X to lead into the future of a fully connected car experience – 5G Americas

United States —

5G Americas has published a technical whitepaper titled V2X Cellular Solutions that details new connected car opportunities for the cellular and automotive industries.

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communications and solutions enable the exchange of information between vehicles and much more — people (V2P), such as bicyclists and pedestrians for alerts, vehicles (V2V) for collision avoidance, infrastructure (V2I) such as roadside devices for timing and prioritization, and the network (V2N) for real time traffic routing and other cloud travel services.

The goal of V2X is to improve road safety, increase the efficiency of traffic, reduce environmental impacts and provide additional traveler information services.

“LTE cellular technology can be an important enabler for a best-in-class vehicle connectivity solution,” said Chris Pearson, President of 5G Americas. “A global LTE footprint and technology standards, combined with future-proof evolution, are enablers for Cellular V2X on the road to success in achieving the goals established for safety, information, ecology, maintenance and security, as well as entertainment, in the connected car of the future.”