Vodacom South Africa achieves 240Mbps over LTE-Advanced

South Africa —

Vodacom South Africa has achieved download speeds of 240Mbps over its LTE-Advanced network at the Brooklyn Mall in Pretoria, by refarming existing spectrum and utilising ‘advanced antenna technologies’.

The operator said that higher speeds could be expected in the future, following the launch of new generation handsets.

Vodacom Group CTO Andries Delport commented on the development, “‘The blazing speeds on our 4G+ network at Brooklyn Mall are further proof that our mobile network continues to be the best in SA. Crucially, the impressive speeds at this mall showcase the kind of superfast connectivity that we can provide to South Africans, if we had access to spectrum. Access to additional spectrum would help us to do a lot more to extend coverage in the rural areas of SA.”

Andries added that over the past three years, Vodacom has invested ZAR27.4 billion (USD2 billion) in its network.