Vodafone Australia plans 5G trials by 2016 end

Australia —

Vodafone Australia has revealed plans to conduct 5G trials at the end of 2016. Vodafone Australia plans to roll out 5G in 2020.

“We’re going to get our first glimpse of this toward the back end of this year,” said Kevin Millroy, the company’s acting chief technology officer (CTO).

“We’re working with a number of our partners at the moment, so there’s not going to be any announcement as to who we’re working with, but it will be our first opportunity to see and experience what a customer will get with a 5G offering. The actual network will not be there until 2020.”

Benoit Hanssen, departing CTO, added that Vodafone will be one of the first to launch a 5G standardised offering.

“Our industry depends on standards and standardisation, so for us in Australia I think we’ll be very early out with a standardised 5G offering,” Hanssen added.