Vodafone Spain & Huawei Deploy World’s First Commercial Dual Band High Speed Downlink Packet Access (DB-HSDPA) technology

Spain —

Vodafone Spain along with Huawei have deployed the world’s first commercial dual-band High Speed Downlink Packet Access (DB-HSDPA) technology.

DB-HSDPA delivers approximately double the amount of UMTS throughput compared to single carrier on UMTS 900MHz.

DB-HSDPA becomes crucial for the European market due to the fact that UMTS 900MHz is the primary UMTS band to be deployed in the future. The cooperation of UMTS 900MHz and UMTS 2100MHz is an important part of European UMTS strategy. On the Vodafone Spain network, there is a single carrier on UMTS 900MHz. However, due to the coverage advantages provided by low frequency bands, UMTS 900MHz can absorb a larger number of subscribers than UMTS 2100MHz. DB-HSDPA improves the experience for subscribers on UMTS networks in the 900MHz band.

DB-HSDPA is a 3GPP Release 9-defined technology. From the second half of 2015, chipsets compatible with DB-HSDPA technology have been incorporated into commercial devices. DB-HSDPA capable terminals are able to receive and monitor two bands simultaneously, delivering a better user experience.

“Huawei and Vodafone have cooperated closely to ensure the successful commercial deployment of DB-HSDPA. We will endeavor to assure the provision of innovative solutions, and accelerate the pace and scale of DB-HSDPA’s commercial application to benefit more subscribers”, said Peng Honghua, president of Huawei’s UMTS Product Line.