Vodafone UK installs mini mobile masts to boost 4G coverage

Vodafone UK and Ericsson are rolling out mini mobile masts to improve 4G capacity in urban areas of the UK.

Vodafone said the new system is half the size and weight of standard radio unit, but offers three times capacity.  The units are designed to be carried up stairs to a rooftop for installation, rather than difficult and time consuming process like using a crane that typically blocks traffic.

The operator is spending around £2bn on its network modernization and service improvement across the UK.

Vodafone intends to take 4G services to 86 per cent of the UK population. The operator is working with Swedish telecoms equipment maker Ericsson on this project.

Jorge Fernandes, Vodafone UK’s chief technology officer, said: “We continue to look at new and innovative ways of providing improved mobile coverage in order to meet our customers’ soaring demand for mobile data and video while minimising disruption to the general public and improving the aesthetics of the surrounding area.”